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This week you start it with an imposing attraction that will attract more than one around you. Act honestly, Sagittarius, and don't break a heart. Relationships argue on Friday: complicity in bed induces fun and games.

Beware, single Sagittarius, because the stars warn you that the person you adore cannot make you happy. Either all that glitters is not gold, or love is simply not reciprocated.

This week, precisely, the heart of the centaurs is aligned with the stars, not so the head. Be guided by emotions and do not put a stop to your intuition. On Thursday you will recover the tranquility necessary to see things with perspective, slowly and with clairvoyance.

Irregular week in terms of emotions. On Tuesday you will live a day of melancholy inclined to nostalgia because you miss the beings you lost. The weekend, on the other hand, comes to light the most optimistic Sagittarius, eager to have fun and have a good time.


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Financial adventures and the assumption of certain risks to promote expansion must be accompanied this week by logic and rationality. However, don't be too obsessed with brakes: good luck will be with you these days.

The week is not without its setbacks: on Tuesday, for example, some home repairs will require an unexpected outlay. But overall it will be a week of stabilization and growth, with a full sense of success on Friday.

A word of caution: spend some time over the weekend dealing with late payments and bringing your accounts up to date. Sunday will be very suitable for the Sagittarius to take advantage of the exchanges.

In the workplace, you begin to recover from the pothole of the previous week. You are having a good attitude and that benefits you. Get ready for a week of changes and opportunities.


This week your body gives you a truce and the little discomfort will disappear so you can better organize your time and spend good times with yours. Not only do you owe it to them, it will also be revitalizing for yourself, Sagittarius.

Also, when faced with bad news from the medical staff, don't get in the worst of it. It is always good to contrast it with a second opinion and, in the event of a problem arising, the stars give you optimism and willpower to overcome this situation.

Take this week to strengthen the health of your mouth, especially from Wednesday, when there is a drop in your defenses that can expose you to infections and sores. Also at the end of the week you will have to dedicate yourself to taking better care of your skin, using resources such as aloe vera.

The best news comes at the end of the week, with medical results that confirm a formidable state of health. And it's all due to your discipline and your effort to maintain healthy habits. Keep up the good work!