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You are going to live lots of changes in the love area this week. Everything is going to happen really quickly and you wish a new start for you, so you will end unhappy relationships and will open yourself to new ways of loving.

Your biggest concern is to look forward, you will live the past behind and a new stage of your life is beginning. Your love life will go through a transformation that will shake it from the base, both in the form of breakups and reconciliations.

Single Sagittarius, you will meet lots of new people and will go on many dates. A lot of people will feel attracted by your seduction power, however, you won’t fall quickly for anybody. Now you know what you want and what you don’t, and you’re aware of the type of relationship you’re looking for in your life.

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There will be some news in your financial life. You will receive some money from an inheritance or other family businesses. The paperwork is going to be tough, but in the end, when everything is arranged, you will be wealthier.

A new person is going to appear in your professional life. This person is going to support you and will be influential enough to help you gain the respect you deserve and the position you’ve earned with your effort. There’s also a possibility of moving house due to these job changes, either in the same company or in a new one.

You will be able to make your dreams come true and work from your vocation. Sagittarius, it’s the time to join these two aspects of your life together and bet on it. You have the knowledge and the money to do it.


This week is going to be of a big emotional tension because of the many changes you will have to face. Nevertheless, you will be able to manage your energy levels in order to stay strong. You will be especially concerned about your inner health, apart from the physical aspect.

All the positive changes you’re experiencing in other areas of your life will affect your emotional and physical well-being. You can set your goals and go for them, the stars totally support you.

You will find the keys to dealing with any type of situation in the silence and solitude of your own company.