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The beginning of this week requires Sagittarius to go ahead with the truth and put the cards on the table. If you lead a double life or hide something from your partner, the stars make everything come out. 

On Tuesday you will discover that your life is experiencing a positive progression, but that you must lead that potential through the right channels: your vitality must serve a good purpose. At the equator of the week, doubts about feelings toward a friend seize your heart.

On Thursday, jealousy and frustration can turn your life into hell, so it's best to get your good feelings back. The turning point of the week will be on Saturday, when cosmic confluences will shake the centaur's soul to increase passion and momentum.

This positive impulse will open up new possibilities to reinforce the commitment to love on Sunday. 



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After a somewhat turbulent period in your economy, on Monday conservation, common sense and withdrawal call. You have to consider the possibility of implementing some insurances that will save your money. The week will continue in a favorable progression for your projects.

Especially on Tuesday, in which Sagittarius receives a great fecundity in their ideas and companies, a day of much creativity that can give good results. On Thursday, you will be especially inspired and will have great challenges in the collective work: you can contribute a lot to others.

Wednesday will be rather relaxed at work, although you will have to be attentive to some abusive burdens that can make you lose money. On Friday you gain confidence and security at a professional level. On the weekend there is a change of trend that introduces confusion and requires you to disconnect.


The week will begin with the return of the positive vibrations that flood you with well-being and optimism, a whole load of energy that will allow you to give a new impulse to your activities. This allows you, among other things, to recover quickly from your ailments, starting on Monday.

On Tuesday the priority of Sagittarius should focus on the prevention of falls and accidents and also possible acute headaches. In the middle of the week the pain can be transferred to the bones and joints, but all these pains will disappear by the end of the week.

Thursday will be the turning point when your body regains its fullness. On Friday, Sagittarius is guided by passions and that makes him incur the danger of falling into temptations. On the weekend you will be besieged by a trauma that can block you mentally, and on Sunday you can devote yourself to your aesthetics.