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A week of expansion and recomposition, of feeling good about yourself, of recovering order, sensations, and the desire to give and receive love. The flame of Mars visits you on Wednesday to offer you the virtues of the amatory arts, to which you must be receptive and dedicated.

Also in the equator of the week you must respond to this expansive and open tendency and break with the fence of self-imposed loneliness. Good week for love, but also for friendships and social life. Face the problems of the past.

Complicated weekend, with mood swings and emotional ups and downs that you will have to learn to master.

On Thursday and Friday, Sagittarius with a partner face some particularly attractive days for reinforcing confidence, and something that cannot always be expressed in words will sprout from your hand in the form of a beautiful epistle.


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At work, the best way to get back into the winning dynamic is to activate yourself through the little challenges. Find the motivation in the short term objectives, and face the fatalistic current with the desire to overcome. On Wednesday, your bosses will give you more responsibility at work.

In the middle of the week very attentive to emails and calls, and use social contacts to find work or, if you are engaged in a project, take advantage of the positive current through the sum of efforts and collective work.

In the final stretch of the week, gather the courage to make certain decisions, and make an effort to expose your ideas in a clear and understandable way.

Regarding finances, the week will start loose, but you have to get your act together, be more aggressive and, above all, remember that not everyone is going with good intentions. Don't let yourself be dragged by passions.

Friday will be a key day: you start an expansive cycle, and you will find prosperity in unexplored lands. Saturday will be a day of fortune and growth.


A fennel tea with lemon balm and walking for a while will favor the natural elimination of gases from your intestine, which on Monday threatens to make you start the week on the wrong foot. However, there is nothing to worry about, as you are in a week of transition.

There will always be some little problems to be solved, Sagittarius, such as the temptation to sweets on Tuesday, or hair problems, lack of energy and the reappearance of problems in the respiratory system at the end of the week. 

But everything that until now posed a series of threats to your health is disappearing, and you are evolving along with the planets towards a calmer and more relaxed feeling.