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Sagittarius Weekly Prediction for 18-24 March

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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Although your love relationships go through a difficult time if you put all your inner strength to the service of love you will overcome your blockages. Focus your attention on your family and play that protective role that comes naturally to you.

Your ability to put yourself in the other's place will make you a pillar of support for those around you. Enjoy giving love, but do not forget also to receive it, the energy of the universe stagnates if it goes in one direction only.

This week is perfect to strengthen the ties that bind you to yours, listen to your heart and identify the sincere signs of affection. Not all manifestations of appreciation are always honest, so do not get carried away by the first impressions.


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Keep an eye on your economy because you will have to face unexpected expenses if you haven't managed your income well. Don't fall into squandering, because far from giving you satisfaction, it leads you to feel insecure.

Use all the potential of your creative mind to find quick solutions in your professional environment. Your decisions will be very well received and you will find unconditional support among your superiors and colleagues.

If you do not allow yourself to be enveloped by routine and know how to look at your daily tasks with new eyes, the work will bear fruit. Everything you do is done with all your heart and energy, so you don't have to worry about the results.


Stop worrying about every little discomfort you detect in your body, they are not always a sign of serious health problems. This week is important to take special care of your skin, as it is more than predisposed to give you some problems.

When practicing sports do not forget to have the proper means, footwear and clothing are also important for your daily exercise. Every detail counts, so don't overlook those little things that can improve your life.

Your health depends mainly on you, so if you follow a daily physical activity plan and take care of your diet, you will reach the end of the week with the energy you need to enjoy your leisure time.