Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope for 2-8 September

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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope

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The weekly prediction for Sagittarius this first week of September is not very encouraging. You will feel how routine takes over your love life. If you’re in a relationship, you shouldn’t expect lots of loving gestures nor unforgettable moments.

As for your family, the relationship with your children and your closest relatives will be stagnant. There’s nothing you can do this week to escape this deadlock, you can only be patient and understanding. You should try to avoid any type of confrontation at all moments.

Single Sagittarius, you will feel how the energy from these last days has stopped as well. This week you won’t have many chances to change your love life. It’s not a good moment to go and try to start a romantic story, the Stars are not by your side.

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On the other hand, this week’s prediction regarding finances seems more favourable. You’re still going to be on a lucky streak and this period of prosperity and abundance will continue intact. Your financial life is perfectly balanced.

This week positive surprises are waiting for you. You’re very likely to be promoted or you could receive the opportunity to have a position of greater responsibility in another area at work.

All in all, this week is going to be very positive for Sagittarius both economically and in terms of work. However, don’t forget to share your prosperity with those around you, this way the Universe will always be by your side.


Sagittarius, get ready to deal with some problems regarding your health. Your immune system is weaker due to emotional stress and other personal circumstances. You need to watch your diet if you want to prevent some illnesses.

On the other hand, the weekly prediction for Sagittarius these first days of September advises you to get ready for some personal challenges. You will overcome these challenges and they will inevitably push you to personal growth.

However, you will be able to keep a very positive attitude and those around you will learn from your inner strength. You will be ready to beat any obstacle that keeps you away from happiness.