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This new week comes with good news in terms of love, just as expected this month of May. Happiness, stability and solidity will be the prevailing principles in your love relationship.

You could feel overwhelmed for these feelings, so you will question if this is real or not. Don’t worry, it’s a normal reaction to the happiness that comes after so many tensions and difficulties.

If you’re single, this week you will feel brave enough to win the heart of that person you can’t get out of your mind. You will have a really positive answer from this person and you can start a love story that will bring illusion and magic back into your life.

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You will have to fix a couple of legal issues in order to receive an important amount of money. Once the problem has disappeared, you can use the money to get a new home or make that investment you’ve planned for so long.

You shouldn’t resign yourself to what you already have at a job level. You must plan new ways of developing and evolving your professional self. This week will be a particularly suitable one to organize your personal agenda and plan your future actions.

You will take the first step towards your objective, with confidence, and you will be able to see yourself, successful, at the end of the journey. Stars favour you, so you should have no doubts.


At the beginning of the week, you will feel how your body gradually recovers from all the tiredness, you can finally start moving at ease and with energy.

You will prioritize the connection with your physical body through yoga, tai chi or some other type of therapy that will help you connect with your basic needs and emotions. As a result, you will pave the way to your future well-being.

You will lean on people you trust, they will provide the most valuable advice so that you can understand your emotions better and you can improve your physical and psychological health.