Sagittarius Weekly Prediction for 21-27 January

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This will be a very special week for the soul of Sagittarius, who will notice how the spirit of adventure and the passions of instinct are succumbing to a personality more comfortable, more temperate, more appeased. During these days you will feel the need for more tranquility, and time to get to know yourself better.

This will help you to improve your relationship with others and with yourself. In the conjugal nest the week will begin with doubts and discussions, which will dissipate thanks to the development of your understanding and generosity. At the end of the week, a loving disappointment forces you to follow your principles and turn ethics into the refuge of love.

In full process of inner growth, Thursday will be a key date, appearing in your life an inspiring person who will complement your path of progress. The weekend will be an idea to consolidate this personal evolution that you are experiencing, and in the stability, you will find treasures of incalculable value.


Luck will block the economic growth of Sagittarius in the first part of the week, although they will be days especially indicated for the sale of some properties. In the equator of the week and in the last tranche the thing will recover, but throughout these days the key is to maintain a positive attitude.

From Monday you have to deal with nerves and frustrations. Especially at work, there is a demand for common sense and discipline, and the need to communicate clearly and concisely your views and your needs. Only through communication and dialogue will you be able to adequately transmit your beliefs.

The weekend will be marked by resistance in the arrival of benefits and rewards that can lead to states of nervousness and despair. Don't worry, Sagittarius: if you have achieved the desired results, the reward will come sooner or later, and it's just a matter of maintaining confidence.


A very positive week for Sagittarius as far as pathologies are concerned, as diseases will disappear with a surprising capacity for recovery to give way to wellbeing and strength. However, the weak point of centaurs these days will be accidents and sprains.

Especially at the beginning of the week, you should be very cautious when practicing sports or handling utensils in the kitchen, for example, because the stars warn of the possibility of cuts, trauma and sprains. This will evolve towards the possibility of muscular pain, and at the equator of the week, the need to recover mental strength.

The last part of the week opens a space of vulnerability that demands more discipline, following the instructions of your doctor to conclude a successful therapy, or trying not to succumb to the temptations of bad habits. Saturday will be the peak day of the week, when you can achieve physical, mental, and spiritual wholeness.