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It’s going to be a busy week in terms of love. A lot of positive energy emanates from you and it attracts people who are willing to meet you. On the other hand, you wish to make plans with your partner that involve having some fun.

Remember to keep feeding love every day because, once it appears in our lives, it’s up to us how long it stays. It’s a perfect tie to experience your sensuality and your sexuality. Your partner is going to be receptive to your suggestions, give the best of you to seduce them.

It’s very likely that you will take very important decisions when it comes to love, commitment, children and steady relationships. On the other hand, toxic relationships will come to an end if you hadn’t finished them yet.

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Economy will flow this week, incomes and expenses will be balanced thanks to all the good decisions you’ve been taking the previous days. You know how to make your money work for you instead of you working to get it.

Expect some changes in your working life, this week you’re especially focused on making your job out of your vocation. Choose your goals well and, once you have defined them, go for them. You’re in a moment when you can expect great success.

You will notice some jealousy around you in your workplace, but if you let it go it will pass with time. Your personal worth and your special glow will be the subject of both praise and criticism this week.


Lots of vitality and good energies during the week, especially the weekend. You should use the weekend to spoil yourself and appreciate how good you’ve been lately.

Use all this strength to plan and carry out healthy routines, ones that fit your interest and concern for your physical appearance. You will prioritize taking care of you, both externally and internally. Nevertheless, these days you will feel like you want to project a good image, that’s why you will spend some of your time improving your physical appearance.

Don’t neglect your spiritual side, it’s been the core of all the positive transformations you’ve enjoyed these days.