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The first days of this week will be somehow uncomfortable when it comes to love. You will hear some criticism coming from your partner. However, if you think objectively, it will help you grow and change some traits of your personality that you should modify.

When it comes to family, there could be some negativity at first, but you will eventually reach an agreement all together about an important issue. Your children will bring you good moments and you will be able to get closer to an older sibling.

If you’re single, this week is a favourable one to find love. If it’s not the case, you will definitely have an active sexual life. You have many gifts and being attractive, brave and honest are some of the traits other people value in you.

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It’s going to be a positive week regarding money. You will probably purchase something new and you could plan and book a short trip, or maybe more than one. Your finances will be very healthy.

This week will seem very quiet at first, but there are many things going on. You will probably have to make a decision that could totally change the direction of your career.

If you have your own business, you will take advantage of your ability to have a vision in order to see a business where others can’t see anything. Fortune will smile at you and encourage you to be brave and adventurous.


Your health will be alright in general, your sciatica might reappear, or maybe you could feel discomfort on your lumbar muscles. If you don’t make any sudden movement and you try to prevent it by doing some stretching exercises, you could avoid the pain and discomfort.

On the other hand, you will feel quite down and somehow depressed. A feeling of sorrow will take over but fortunately, it will dissipate by the end of the week thanks to your strong personality.

Your spiritual side will be the rock that supports you and will help you get your positivity and your natural energy. Mind your diet and get back to some artistic hobby you have in order to go through that process.