Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope for 24 - 30 June

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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Sagittarius will be one of the luckiest signs in love this last week of the month. You will be able to establish your romantic bonds and will enjoy truly magical moments with your partner, especially by the end of the week.

Everything is going to flow easily in your family, you’ll be able to contact again with someone you had walked away from. Your children will feel very close to you these days and they’ll bring you much satisfaction. You’ll enjoy common activities and you’ll find a way to approach them in a very constructive way.

In general, it’s going to be a very positive week in terms of love, both for those who are single and for those with a partner. The last days of this week could be the beginning of an adventure that will become a real love story.

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You will have financial stability, you have a good position thanks to some money you’ve received in the past. You know how to deal with your finances so you will save this money and will use some of it for more ludicrous projects.

At work, you will be able to exploit your best personal qualities in order to closer advantageous deals. You’re well respected at work and people have you in good consideration, even if some of them are a bit jealous of you.

If you have a business of your own you will be able to increase your sales so you will earn more money. Everything related to money will be very positive this week, you’re on a streak.


As for your health this week, it will be quite good, but you will neglect it a little bit. The amount of work you have and your daily obligations will prevent you from paying attention to your diet and your resting time.

Emotionally speaking it won’t be a complicated week, except for a couple of stressful situations that you’ll be able to handle. You will feel peace and calm at the end of the week thanks to your ability to find solitude.

You’ll keep your personal development activities and this will help you keep your emotions under control. Your physical and emotional health will be very good this last week of the month.