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Decisive week for the centaurs who are in a critical situation as far as the relationship is concerned. You have to make your decisions without fear, because from a drastic measure, apparently painful, can be born a new momentum in your life.

Also, during the first days of the week the stars offer you a much greater cerebral dynamism, so it is very possible that you do not stop spinning things and end up consumed in your paranoia. When it comes to love, don't trust appearances, nothing is what it seems.

Doubts, suspicions, conflicts and disappointments will mark the equator of the week, where you can feel the betrayal of some close people and you will have to face a conversation with your partner about a possible betrayal. 

Confrontedly, the final stretch of the week will be much more relaxed. In fact, they will be perfect days to seek some solitude and tranquillity, and to rearrange your inner world and your life. Open the energy channels and clean the aura to encourage the reception of good vibrations.


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The week begins as a whirlwind for finances, with a cycle change that opens new opportunities for you but, at the same time, brings problems and threats. It is a priority to be more suspicious and combine risk with conservation.

Take every precaution, read the fine print of the contracts carefully, and beware of the beasts that lurk around you. Starting Wednesday, you should think about facing your ambitious operations in the company of someone: unions can be very beneficial.

In the final stretch of the week there will be a stroke of bad luck, on Thursday, and blockades to collect some late payments, on Friday. Big investments will end up failing because of third parties, although the weekend will be positive for small successful operations.

As for your working life, the week is marked by success and productivity. The key day will be Tuesday, because you will learn a lot and empathize with others.


Start the week with energy and optimism. If you are in the process of rehabilitation, the stars give you more dynamism to overcome that pothole. Organize new routines. These days obey your doctor and avoid going on your own when it comes to medication and therapies.

Attention Wednesday: you have an important appointment with the doctor, don't forget! Mind control will be very important, as will physical activity. On Thursday, choose a sport that demands you physically to discover new limits and strengthen the spirit of overcoming.

At the end of the week you will be able to see the appearance of small, unimportant problems which, however, will not be too much to take care of, such as irregularities in the skin and hair. The weekend, the euphoria and the feeling of well-being open your senses and lead you to happiness.