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This week love will come strongly into Sagittarius' life. You'll live exciting experiences, but don't fall into speculations that steal your strength. Life has taught you to discard toxic relationships, so you have to be prudent when making decisions.

Be careful not to judge people around you just for the sake of it. Focus your positive feelings toward others to have the same back instead. However, before opening yourself to new love experiences you have to let go of the past.

If you keep your mind calm, you'll prevent your feelings from getting confused and paying a too high price for your lack of perspective. When love is real, it is always presented without double intentions.


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These days you'll notice important changes in your economy. Neutral changes, not good, not bad. If you expected extra income, you'll have to be a little more patient so that you can get the fruit of your efforts.

Your strong personality isn't always welcome. In your work environment, try to expose subtly the changes that you have in mind that you consider necessary. Avoid unsuccessful clashes. Otherwise, you'll destroy everything for what you've worked so hard until now.

The feeling that everybody is against you is just your imagination, at least this time. People will reply nicely if you give them the benefit of the doubt.


Your optimism will be useful to overcome any inconveniences concerning your health. Your perspective is changing and you'll be able to make more adequate decisions to improve your wellbeing.

Keep on your physical activity program. This is what prevents you from being tired and stressed. You know what you need, so think no more about it and dedicate a moment a day to practice that activity you so much enjoy.

Also, having some time in silence while doing some introspection will be perfect for your health not to be harmed this week. Your soul needs to be fed every day. Otherwise, you won't feel fulfilled.