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This week is going to have a little bit of everything in the area of love. You will start with some argument due to differences with your partner. However, the God of Love is influencing you and you will end up making up.

On the other hand, you will experience moments of passion and eroticism. This week continues to favour this type of encounters. Your passionate feelings will be the protagonist at the end of the week. Whether you have a partner or you are just meeting someone special, you will live intimate moments that will be impossible to forget.

There’s another important aspect to bear in mind, your relationship with yourself and the ability to let go of emotions you had deep inside. Self-love will grow inside of you, unstoppable, and it will be the catalyst for a deep transformation.

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This is going to be a stable week for your finances, you’ve learned to manage your money wisely. Some relative or a person close to you could originate some type of problem, but you’ll be able to solve it.

Your wish to change jobs is becoming more and more intense, but the right moment hasn’t arrived yet. You should use this week to plan carefully and take note of the steps you want to follow.

This week is not going to have great contrasts in the economic and professional. The Stars advise patience and perseverance to achieve your goals.


In general you feel well physically, you’ll just feel a little bit tired, nothing you can’t fix with resting a little bit. Your concern is going to be your emotions, there is where energy is moving this week.

Get ready to transform yourself, take the lead and earn respect by your own means. You will learn to stop judging yourself, and start treating you with compassion and comprehension. You self-esteem will be your main motivator these days.

Everything is in order now, your new self can feel proud. Your feel self-confident and have started seeing life from a different point of view. There’s no coming back, from now on you won’t tolerate any abuse.