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The transit of the stars through your regent announces a long and hard journey through a period of doubts and emotional instability that, like everything in this life, also has its positive side: the planets urge you to open your soul and begin a path of personal evolution towards the consolidation of your self-esteem and a circle of faithful friends. 

In the family, friends and your partner you will find strong struts to find some firm ground under your feet, when you feel disoriented. If in the equator of the week you learn that your inner shine is much more powerful than your external appearance, you will be able to release magnetism and attraction that will make you irresistible. 

Attention, Sagittarius, because at the end of the week you will be subject to an influence of mysticism in your soul: you will seek the answers to your anguish through philosophy and religion.


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A very important week in Sagittarius economy opens with a cosmic revolution that impacts your finances: chaos and unpredictability determine your fate, and you need to take control of the situation to avoid setbacks. Your money demands that you rethink some strategies and that you think in the short and medium term.

Create the right conditions and environment for your investments, and in times of weakness or need keep your principles firm. The last stretch of the week will require you to regain your more dynamic and active spirit.

As far as work is concerned, the week goes by with the need for you to think about making the leap to a better job in which you get the best out of yourself. While that doesn't happen, put all your effort into motivating and concentrating, because now you go through a moment of downturn and if you don't manage to find the incentives you may get stuck.


This week take advantage of the weather conditions to adapt your mood and optimize your sensations: the heat will awaken your vitality, but in the rain there are also interesting moments for introspection and melancholy. This is important, because this week will be marked by the need to take care of your mental health.

The stars foresee the appearance of some disorders derived from stress and anxiety. Avoid excesses and do not be guided by immediate needs, instincts and impulses. Enrich the soul.

As a consequence of this fall in mental strength you will also advance towards a fall in the immune system that will leave you weak and exposed to flu processes, infections and general malaise. The stars will give you, on Friday, good advice to overcome these moments of downturns and re-strengthen your body.