Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope for 29 April - 5 May

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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A new month begins this week, and it brings news when it comes to love. After a month living your love life with intensity you gained self-esteem and your wish to find a partner is stronger.

For those Sagittarius in a relationship, this week will be really sweet and tender, your need for a serious, strong relationship is transforming the way you relate to people.

Single Sagittarius, this week you will flirt and have many dates, you will go out with new people who will enter your life unexpectedly. It’s the perfect time to enjoy your seduction and flirting skills.

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This week will bring changes in the area of work. These changes could cause you instability but, at the same time, you will receive news from other companies that will offer you better positions. The decisions you will make will change your future.

This time of instability in your job won’t mean that you will lose your job, but you will have the opportunity to find other professions and even try new areas you have never explored before. You’re in a stage of personal professional growth. It’s the perfect time to follow your instincts and take some risks.

When it comes to money, this week will be really good, someone around you will help you financially. You will be suggested to participate in some business that will generate important benefits for you.


You will feel tired after the excess responsibilities you are facing right now. You are going to try new ways of taking care of yourself, especially the ones connected to natural medicine. Acupuncture, reflexology, teas and herbs, and meditation will be important discoveries for you.

You’ll want to go to bed early and rest, these days you don’t feel like staying up late. This week you will be concerned about relaxation and tranquillity. Listen to the limits your body is setting and allow yourself to recover after working too much.

You will seek for tranquillity and will avoid crowded spaces because you’re sensitive to sensorial stimuli, especially noise. The best medicine for your emotional health is silence.