Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope
Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




The weekly prediction for Sagittarius regarding love is very positive and favourable. This week you’re very likely to feel attracted to more than one person, so you’re going to have a very intense and varied love life.

If you’re in a relationship, this week will be very positive. Sexuality, sensuality, and communications will be the highlights. You will enjoy very enriching and deep conversations with your partner.

Single Sagittarius, you will become more and more seductive until the end of the week, when your charm will be totally irresistible. You will probably feel attracted by two people at the same time, love is in the air for you!

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The horoscope of the week predicts very good results for Sagittarius’ finances. Your economy will probably lead you to help others who are less favoured by fortune.

This week will stand out for your need to think and carry out more elaborate strategies at work. It’s time to stop pleasing everyone and start thinking more about yourself if you want to achieve success.

The Magic Horoscope recommends you partner or ally yourself with someone who can become helpful and has a certain degree of power. Your efforts alone are not enough, so you’d better resort to teamwork to achieve better results.


Sagittarius, this week you will have a tendency to catch a virus or suffer from a respiratory infection. Apart from this, you will have a pretty good week when it comes to physical health.

You will also feel like retaking those healthy habits you had forgotten about. Your physical activity will be the protagonist at the end of the week when you will try new sports and techniques that will call your attention.

Lastly, the weekly prediction regarding your emotional health predicts a week when Sagittarius will feel the need of being alone. You will have to dose these moments of solitude, you shouldn’t be alone for too long.