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Sagittarius Weekly Prediction for 31 December - 6 January

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A day as special as the last one of the year comes with the danger of sadness and melancholy for Sagittarius, so it is very important that you learn to master your mind: turn sadness into pleasant nostalgia. The energy that flows in you on the first day of the year comes through your friendships.

Whoever has a friend has a treasure, Sagittarius, so you must pamper those special people more than ever. On Wednesday you can do fun activities with them and strengthen your ties.

Astral predictions are not so good for Thursday, because a crisis in love breaks out, which is always synonymous with tears and pain. But it also opens an opportunity for you to learn things about yourself and your emotions: turn it into a process of catharsis.

On Friday, this individual catharsis can help you gain confidence and overcome moments of doubt. 

On Saturday, show that you have learned your lesson and do not idealize others to avoid frustration. On Sunday you will feel the need to share with your loved ones an unforgettable day, which you can turn into an exciting adventure by surprising them with bold plans.


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On Monday forget your immediate obligations and open your mind to take stock of the year you close and new purposes for 2019. Hope has to govern your aspirations. Don't be in a hurry to return to action, Sagittarius: Tuesday is a day to gather strength and recharge yourself with energy.

The year does not begin in the best way possible, because luck will not accompany the Centaurs on Wednesday. You can fight against this with spells, which are very useful to attract work and money. You have clear ideas and you have desire and hope: throw yourself to the conquest of your dreams from Thursday.

On Friday, the situation improves and the stars descend within you an inspiring light that encourages your creativity. Find inspiration at work. On Saturday new winds of prosperity arrive that will help you feel happy and confident. You end the week with new opportunities that can open up very interesting perspectives in your business.


The annoyances that threaten to ruin the New Year's Eve can be overcome with natural remedies and a lot of optimism. Although you may notice a physical and mood drop, Tuesday's bump is only the prelude to a progressive increase in the will to live.

To accompany this process of improvement, it is necessary to clear your mind as soon as possible and shake off the laziness of the hangovers of these holidays. Go back to normal. A drop in the immune system forces you to activate as soon as possible, at this week's equator.

You will face the weekend with the need to break the vicious circle of stress, anxiety, and insomnia. On Sunday, Sagittarius must put in communion mind, body and soul doing physical exercise in nature.

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