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The week begins in a very promising way for the horoscope of love on Saturn, and that means that for all those aspects of Sagittarius' life that may prove to be adverse, love becomes a weapon of optimism and resistance.

The days will go by with a blockade of positive energies with your immediate surroundings, resulting in confusion and disputes, but your radical optimism and the magnetism you give off for attraction and love make you reinforce your commitment to happiness.

The single Sagittarius will launch into the conquest of new loves with renewed hope and illusion, and the relationship Sagittarius are willing to think about the future and strengthen the conjugal commitment.

You arrive at the end of the week with a great dynamism that allows you to fill others with joy and happiness and, in turn, karma gives you back good vibrations and well-being. However, on Sunday you close the week with a tendency to review the past...


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The financial climate is unstable and adverse factors that can result in losses and recession appear, especially from Wednesday onwards. It is time to cool your mind, contain your impulses and redefine your strategies. A retreat to contemporize.

On the contrary, the week begins with a good luck boom that can lead the natives of Sagittarius to a very dangerous temptation. Now it is time to think rationally, Sagittarius, and follow the path of productive work and effort, instead of yielding everything to chance.

At work, the week also demands commitment and patience, because you have to work side by side with people with whom you don't get along particularly well, and also, at the end of the week some important threats may appear in your workplace safety. 

On Thursday you must challenge a dismissal if you are in a temporary job, which should be a signal for you to fight for greater security in the workplace: the challenge is to get a long-term job.


Dedicating some time to your body and health problems is a time well spent that at this beginning of the month of February, can prevent some treacherous diseases.

In these first few days, you have to check the health of your heart, although the problems that may appear from Tuesday are due more to secondary factors such as muscle contractures.

Wednesday can be a turning point to start a slowdown in the week, slow down and take control of your body to avoid anxiety crisis and related problems. 

It can also be a very productive week for pregnant Sagittarius: while reducing physical discomfort you can evolve by learning about your body and pregnancy.