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The stars open your mind and instill self-esteem on a Monday that can start overwhelmingly, and that can erect you into a being that is stronger and more dynamic. However, the week progresses in a difficult way, especially because of the position of the moon in Pisces.

This can cause your emotions to get out of control and enter the discussion arena. It is time to take a little self-control and try to move forward, with the favor of other planetary energies, along with the path of positive feelings.

As for love, distrust easy and passionate relationships, and choose to know the soul of the person you like. The connection, this week, has to come from the spirit and intellect. Women will live on Friday a special day, very appropriate to grow.

The weekend the forecast of the stars warns the return of love after a time of separation, while the week will end with the need to review your relationship and your emotions.


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The week will offer opportunities that you can take advantage of if you are attentive, although in general Jupiter energies block easy access to progress and growth. Although good fortune arrives on Tuesday, don't lose your head and keep your concentration.

Wednesday will be the key day of the week, when projects and ideas accelerate and evolve at a faster pace than expected - you have to get your act together, Sagittarius! Also, some people close to you can help you get a new job.

The reverse comes on Thursday, one of the worst days in your job because you make a chain of mistakes. Overcoming has to come from trust. The wailing makes you sink deeper into a sterile self-blame. The last days of the week will be of recomposition. 

At the end of the week you need to regain confidence and make firm decisions to take full advantage of investments and financial operations.


Although the week will begin with a reversal of the planetary energies around Jupiter that can lead to infections and sore throats, the planets are benevolent with you and on Tuesday they offer you mental strength to defeat the fall of your physical and psychic state. Take advantage!

Exhaustion can have a special impact on your feet, especially if you're on the go all day. Take care of your feet and legs as they deserve and take some time at the end of the day to relax that part of your body and give yourself some soothing salt baths.

In the last stretch of the week the natives of Sagittarius may see accusations of nervousness problems, aggravated by worries in the private sphere. Peace, rest and well-being become priority elements for you. 

Also, the Magic Horoscope gives you some advice on the foods you can eat on Friday to counteract intestinal problems. Over the weekend the health problems will disappear, and you can explore alternative therapies for improvement.