Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Sagittarius’ weekly prediction for love will begin very positively this week of November. Relationships will be guided by warmth. If you’re in a relationship, you will enjoy really pleasant moments and, if you’re single, you will meet new people.

In the middle of the week, the movements of the planets will activate certain hidden fears in your subconscious. This will make you distrust your partner, you will feel confused and you will stay away from your loved ones.

This negativity will also affect single Sagittarius, you will feel like the world is against you. However, by the end of the week, you will feel relieved from this planetary tension and you will be open to love again.

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The Stars will bless you with abundance and prosperity, Sagittarius. You will be able to deal with new expenses and even help those in need with their economic problems.

You will have many challenges at work. There will be a lot of changes and this will generate stressful moments. You’re very likely to take the responsibility of a project by the middle of the week.

Your adaptation to all these changes in your work life will be crucial in order to enjoy your job. Remember that if you aren’t able to do what you love, you’d better start loving what you do.


The health prediction for Sagittariuspredicts a pretty negative beginning for this week. You will suffer some respiratory disease. It won’t be anything serious, but it will be annoying.

By the middle of the week, you will feel better and relieved. If you haven’t been ill at all you will feel how you have extra energy and vitality. This week will generally begin a little bit weak but it will improve a lot by the end.

Emotionally speaking, you should try to avoid negative news and make sure you know well who or what you let in your world. You should stop watching the news for a while, avoid them whenever you can.