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On Monday you must fight against the negative feelings that affect you for days and that will be made worse by betrayal or disappointment in your inner circle. On Tuesday, you will be able to soften this rigidity with music, as you will be especially receptive to sensations.

On Wednesday returns the shadow of inner sadness, but disappointments in love can be left behind if you manage to focus on the excitement for your projects. The week will go on with frustration in your relationship, and Sagittarius will seek excitement outside their home.

On Friday, with the accumulation of pain and sadness in your heart, you should think about seeking the help of a therapist to overcome the situation. By the weekend, the recovery of the relationship between parents and children offers a source of joy and excitement, and on Sunday, sex can be good medicine.


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This week will be crucial for Sagittarius to take a step forward in work and finance: believing in your potential will help you assert a leadership position.

On Monday and Tuesday, you will see some anguish over the economic situation, but energy channels are also opened up that attract good luck through positive thinking, a lot of faith and esotericism. Try some spells to attract money.

In the middle of the week, some doubts will appear, mainly due to a conflict of interests. Even if you feel that the forces are failing you and you don't get the desired results, on Thursday the collective work will be the most productive and will eliminate your frustration. On Friday, take the final step forward.

By the weekend, try to combat those malicious criticisms that come to you for your leadership position, and defend yourself with results. Sunday can be a big blow to your business. 


The week will begin in a particularly placid way for Sagittarius, especially because the problems that until now haunted you give way to a feeling of well-being. This will allow you to dedicate time to improve aspects such as the care of your skin, or some aesthetic treatments.

On Tuesday, although the internal problems seem fully resolved, you can suffer some unforeseen events such as accidents or stumbles with fatal consequences. Prudence will mark the future of the week. Thursday will be a unique occasion to stop the rhythm of your life and find relaxation.

At the equator of the week, you should increase your calcium intake with foods such as dairy products, legumes, and oily fish.

Physical well-being allows you this week to explore new and interesting alternative therapies such as bioenergetics. On the weekend you can spend more time on non-invasive beauty treatments, especially on the face, abdomen, and legs. On Sunday pay attention to your nails and hair.