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Sagittarius Astral Horoscope for Friday 10th August by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Friday
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Going to bed with your partner and waking up all snuggled up with them is beautiful. Realising that and showing that you're happy about it would be even more wonderful. It would also help you feel better and face your day with an energy boost.

Your body is an energy channel that you sometimes block for various reasons. If you let this happen today, you'll be missing out on a great chance to make your wellness revolve around the love you feel for your partner.

For single Sagittariuses, today will be a spark-filled day as well. But a quick fling won't do the trick today; you need a decent conversation with someone who understands you, and with whom you have a good intellectual connection.


Financial issues are certainly a great burden to the soul, and we're all human in the end. We sink down into despair when sadness haunts us, and we raise up to the sky when finances are good.

But you should hold on and focus your whole energy into the solution, not the problem, Sagittariuses. If you're tired of fighting, do it once again: get up and face your fears. There's only one truth here: you won't be defeated until you give up.

Here's some star advice for Friday: appreciate more what's around you, whether you can actually touch it or not, and enjoy it to the fullest.


Today you should definitely tone down on your daily coffee intake. If you have three cups a day, have two instead, and if you have just one, that's even better. The caffeine in your blood is too high, and it's changing you.

Find balance with other solutions against stress and exhaustion: rest well and enough, and keep a positive, optimistic attitude. You'll perform much more smoothly and with less exhaustion at work.

For Sagittarian males, today you'll notice your hair is falling off more. Don't panic and go to the doctor before you do a test run of hair growth formulae that don't always give good results.