Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Someone dear to you will give you good news that will make you very excited. It's likely to be about a wedding or expecting a baby, and those news are always able to turn your mood upside down.

Celebrate it the right way and share your bliss openly with others. Let this be a reminder that life can also bring us beautiful things, and that every single day is worth it.

For Sagittariuses who have been lucky enough to find love, today's the perfect day to celebrate. Celebrating love is always a must, in order to strengthen the path you've taken so far, and to plan what's coming ahead in excitement.


Are you stuck to the phone waiting for that call that could open new, exciting doors for you? Despair no more, today all vibrations will send that call your way.

Someone dear will give you a business idea which you should at least examine closer. If you're awaiting for the resolution of a scholarship or the confirmation of a new job position, relax; news will come, and they're definitely good.

Besides, today is quite a positive day for Sagittariuses in terms of creativity and sales. Set that long-planned project into motion, or close the selling deal on that real estate you've got going on.




Today, Sagittariuses who are a little ill or recovering will start seeing some light at the end of the tunnel of final recovery. The stars are sending lots of energy to ill Sagittariuses to overcome those health issues.

Remember that it's not enough to just have the stars' energy. Change your mindset and be optimistic. Use your mental strength to defeat bad vibrations and help your body recover.

Besides, Sagittariuses who are healthy need to boost their bodies' proper health by doing sport and keeping muscles and bones fully active.