Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The bitter taste of defeat is hard to take in, Sagittariuses, especially considering you were so hopeful about that love story and so trusting of your chances. Now the real challenge is to turn that failure into a lesson and a motivation factor to move on.

But in those times of bewilderment, someone important to you comes along and helps you see things from a different perspective. A hug, a kiss and some supporting words will be enough for you to say: "Whatever, life goes on!"

The stars warn there's a lightning-speed emotional recovery. Some may think this isn't natural, and it means you weren't that deeply in love. You better than anyone else know that what this means is, you love yourselves too much to let this sink you down for the long run.


Today, relationships at work won't be exactly about honesty. Quite the contrary, any excess of trust could lead to disenchantment. Disappointment after being betrayed will be there.

Don't trust anyone, don't defend anyone, and don't take risks for anyone... Sometimes you need to be selfish, Sagittariuses, and as harsh as that may sound, generosity and kindness have limits. And your work environment is a jungle where there's no values or morals.

Your financial situation will have a slight improvement today, so you can go out for a drink, buy your partner a gift, or give yourselves a treat without that pressing fear of thinking about the end of the month.


Today's a green day, Sagittariuses. Obviously, vegetables have been regrettably lacking lately.

Go to the market and get a good handful of vegetables. Don't miss out on anything! You should especially focus on getting a lot of vegetables with plenty of iron, like spinach.

Go home and find a good recipe list with the best vegetable-based recipes. Make something tasty and green. You'll give your body a healthy boost as you relax in the kitchen.