Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
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For those Sagittariuses about to go on a trip, the stars foresee there'll be an exponential growth of happiness because of the excitement of preparation. It's quite positive that you take on every new project so excitedly. Prepare that trip for yourselves, with your friends or your partner, focusing all your energy into what's making you so excited.

That trip should also imply reinforcing your process of evolution and rebirth: nothing better than a change of environment and getting to know a whole new world to have a different perspective to life.

For Sagittariuses in general, this Tuesday is both a gift and a trap: there'll be an unexpected yet wonderful situation that will come as a gift from heaven, and there'll also be a hard decision to make that's making you feel quite dizzy.


Sagittariuses with an active business will have quite a fruitful second half of August. You will get an important bonus that will bring your profits back into the game. Activity will go through the roof and that will increase your assets.

It'll be a day to readjust a few things to face the amount of work that's coming from now on. But the good thing is, you're on a winner's track.

For Sagittariuses in general, today it's time to defend your rights because of some rearrangements in the company that aren't exactly in your favour. Try to work it out through dialogue, and if you can't, get a good lawyer to handle it for you.



Sagittariuses who are going through rehab for an injured arm or leg will have to start changing their mindset. Only optimism and the full belief that you can overcome this issue with sheer willpower can break the barriers of depression.

Be careful with self-medication, Sagittariuses: our centaur friends taking in unprescripted medications need to double their caution.

It's also a day with high risks for food poisoning. You should double-check the expiration date on food items, and pay close attention to dairy products.