Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
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You're trying to improve as individuals, to find inner balance, to find a sense of evolution which, however, has some contradictions inside it. And you need to get them sorted out as soon as possible.

You're especially going on this personal transformation journey with heavy baggage full of hate and resentment towards someone. And those negative feelings are constant barriers for your evolution.

Today, the Magic Horoscope has an exercise proposal that's both difficult and productive: go out and look for those people you don't get along with, and make peace. You don't need to humiliate yourselves or apologise if you think you haven't done wrong. It'll be enough to be at peace with that person and yourselves.


Some last-minute changes will turn all the work you've done upside down, and that will give you lots of stress, anger, arguments and nervousness. You should be the calm during the storm.

This could be the day when you show your leadership skills if you can show calmness and coolness. Wherever there's employees arguing and overwhelmed about this situation, you should be the firm leader who knows what to do at every stage without losing their temper.

For Sagittariuses who receive assessment on their work, you should be very careful today: bad luck is out to get you and waiting for the slightest sign of weakness to make you fail.


According to the stars' predictions, your soul needs to heal; your lungs are desperate to get some fresh, pure air; and your mind is in urgent need of a change of environment.

Find a place with unique purity where you can breathe some fresh air without the city's toxic breeze. A mountain or forest shelter where smells, visuals and fresh air bring you into purity all around. A therapy to be reborn and transform.

It's also quite recommendable for Sagittariuses to look for holy water. You can take a chance to pray and use that moment to retreat and rekindle with yourselves.