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Read Your Sagittarius Magic Horoscope Prediction for this Coming Thursday 16th August

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Today your positive attraction channels will bring very important people into your life. They will be quite an influence one way or another. You need to be open to knowing new experiences which could be really fulfilling if you don't hold yourselves back.

Mistrust or selfishness could be negative feelings that block those new chances. It's actually a mixture of fear and self-censorship, that strange belief of yours that you don't have the right to evolve and be happy.

Today will be a light-mooded day for Sagittariuses, so exploit your most humorous side and show your wittiest remarks. Everyone will be astonished and left in awe by you.


Today will be quite a relaxing day of work, with lots of jokes, good humour and a sense of companionship. This good environment will feel like a gust of fresh air after so many days filled with stress and negativity.

In fact, work isn't going down, but quite the opposite. There's still lots to do around the office, so you shouldn't mistake good vibes and relaxation for a lack of concern. Use that good environment to work more diligently and efficiently.

In the end, there's a very important lesson to learn from this: when good mood and bliss are the king and queen, work is done more energetically and that leads to better results.


Today you'll feel some changes happening inside of you. You're evolving into a different, brand new type of personality. If you look behind and compare, you'll see you're in no way like you were before.

Is this good? Perhaps at a first glance, this change might overwhelm you and make you feel lost or clueless.

Still, you need to learn how to evolve. Nobody remains the same their whole life, because we're tied to the changes coming from our social environment, the experiences we live and the demands of life.

The key, dear Sagittariuses, is to find a change that makes you feel good. The key is to evolve to improve.