Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
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The relationship with your family is slightly damaged, but there's someone really close to you who needs your help in solving a problem. That's why it's highly advisable that you redo your family ties and make an effort to get along with them a little more.

That person in need wants some good advice, maybe some financial help, or they want you to make an intervention somewhere. The important thing is that they feel you're right there, backing them up.

That problem will make your eyes open up wide, and you'll understand there's essential things in life that deserve special attention. From now on, you should keep that strong bond with your biological family alive.


There's no doubt that things at work are just getting more and more unbearable, and your relationship to your job can be easily defined by the word 'disappointment'. Today there'll be yet another appearance of those doubts that have been looming over your mind for quite a while, which make you think about whether you should leave your job or not.

It isn't your best choice right now, Sagittariuses. Hold on a little longer, at least until September or October, when the job market situation gets better. Keep holding on and try to see the silver lining of things.

Besides, today's a day to hold back from spending money, because you've gone way overboard this month. This weekend you should start actually saving up money and learn how to have fun without spending a dime.



There's a couple health issues you've been putting off because you're lazy, or because you think they'll come to solve themselves. One of them is especially important: your teeth.

Sagittariuses, it's obvious you've been neglecting your dental health lately, and the problem's just growing worse and worse. Pain and discomfort are becoming your daily punishment.

So, it's time to grab the bull by the horns and get rid of that problem once and for all. Go to your dentist and get your teeth fixed. Don't be greedy about the things that are important and related to health.