Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
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Today's a day to be brave, Sagittariuses: the stars offer you a special energy field, and they're opening up new doors for you to take a big leap in your relationship.

For our centaur friends who are just starting to get to know someone, in the first stages of a relationship, it's your chance to strengthen your bond. Today you'll officially declare to the world that you're together.

For Sagittariuses who are well into their relationship, it's time to take one step further and to go steady into the relationship through marriage or starting a family by having a baby.


There's lots of work to be done, Sagittariuses, and even if it's a Saturday you need to get down to work and make some progress in those small chores around the house that you never end.

Ask a friend for help, if you were to need it; otherwise, use your free time to do some chores around the house, or to get into those reformation and makeover processes you never have time to carry out.

Today will be a financially positive day for Sagittariuses, with a positive influx of money that you should use without going overboard with spending. Don't go too crazy now that you've earned some extra money!


Your body and joints need a bit of extra care today, Sagittariuses. Your bones' health is deteriorating, and that makes you go through sharp pains that make it harder for you to move around easily and quickly.

Bone illnesses are quite delicate and they can affect your everyday life, thus diminishing your skills. You need to tell your doctor about it and let him know, so that the necessary tests can be run to have a final diagnosis and try to find a solution to whatever problem you're going through.

But leaving bones apart, the week will end without any jumpscares and that's something you should celebrate, Sagittariuses. Get yourselves a nice treat, but always in moderation, and rejoice in your good health.