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At many points throughout the day you'll feel like your current relationship is cutting your wings of freedom, and that deep down it makes you unhappier because you can't do what you like and express the real you.

The problem isn't so much as the strict rules imposed by your partner (but, of course, that's part of the issue), it's your lack of authority, and especially more so, the horrible communication you have with one another.

If you want to do something say it out loud, you're free to do it. But let your partner know and give them as many details as they need. In this case, freedom needs to walk hand in hand with trust.


Today's one of those days when you are your worst enemies, and when something gets into your head, you won't stop until you get it... Even if it costs you money. Quite a lot of it.

Today your whims could be costly, Sagittariuses, so if you want to pay attention to this piece of advice, keep your head cool and let common sense be your guide. Self-control is essential so that you can end your Sunday on a relatively financially stable note.

Don't go asking for credits or gambling for money, you've been there before. Keep your head cool, Sagittariuses, and stay in control. Today you can try to find activities completely for free which will still make you really happy.


You've had an incredibly awake sense of motherhood for a while, Sagittariuses. You feel the maternal instinct against which there's no obstacles in sight. And as hard as the path may be sometimes, love and willpower can defeat everything.

Today the stars will bring you the good news you've been expecting for so long: motherhood is here. If you haven't gone there yet, make your attempts more intense, because you're at a stage of great fertility where different factors and items are coming together to help you get pregnant and be a mom once and for all.

For the other Sagittariuses, you won't have other days when you're feeling as sensitive as today, and it's definitely advisable to avoid locking out your feelings. Express what you're really feeling and take this chance to get to know your soul better.