Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



Today will be a dangerous day for Sagittariuses, to say the least, and it demands a full-on, steely control of emotions. Your challenge today, centaur friends, is to turn that negative trend into something completely positive.

Your energy field is receiving the influx of bad influences, and negative feelings are taking down your optimism and battling spirit as we speak. What comes out onto the surface is nothing but a foul mood, selfishness, arrogance and resentment.

Try to turn these feelings into good mood, generosity, humility and reconcilement. And the first step you must take is to be at peace with yourselves and to change the way you connect with the rest of the world.




Today, money-making will have the influence of very little cosmic energy, so you need to come to terms with the idea that work is your only safety net. Focus all your efforts into working hard and doing your job efficiently. Only you, Sagittariuses, can change that trend.

Little by little you'll start realising you spend too much energy into other people and irrelevant situations, and you lose your focus and strength to carry out your tasks. It's time to turn that trend around.

Find the kind of people that can give you a positive boost at work. Do your job as best as you can, and satisfaction will bring you new doses of energy and motivation to keep going.



Today your challenge is to forget the minor discomfort you may feel through your body and to appreciate your extraordinary current shape. You've seen only the negative side of things for far too long; today, optimism could save the day.

You should change the way you socialise as soon as possible, Sagittariuses. A more human, simple, direct relationship could change your current state of mind.

Jealousy can be a serious issue that will throw you off the cliff. Don't feel defeated.