Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
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Your relationship is taking its first steps into a steadier stage, but it requires some extra efforts from you to keep passion alight and make sure that the little things that bring you closer are still there. Taking care of a relationship requires daily attention, and you're slowly starting to forget about the small things.

This Saturday is the perfect day to show your love with an unexpected surprise that will leave your partner speechless. Those small nice surprises are the ones that make your partner continue to be an important project in progress.

Attention to all single Sagittariuses who have been waiting for a sign for days: love will show through someone you don't know and it'll have some surprising effects on your personality. Open up your soul and let life surprise you.


No matter whether you're working or on your day off, today you must rest and give your body a break. It'll also be quite positive for your mind, because it needs to get away for a few hours.

If you work, take it easy, Sagittariuses. It'll be quite a light-mooded day, and even if someone tries to ruin it, it will generally flow quite smoothly. Hit the pause button on the stress of daily life.

If you're out for the weekend, family gatherings and resting at home will be much more productivethan doing exercise or going outside.


Cosmic energy is gathering up around you today to protect you from outside evils and bad vibrations, so your body will work perfectly and your mind will be balanced, with positive emotions taking the lead.

Take that energy boost as a chance to socialise with other people from an optimistic point of view with positive vibes. Whatever task you need to carry out today, you need to be active, but the stars will send you all the energy you'll need to face them.

Besides, today's the perfect day to reactivate your sex life. Showing you're ready for action and lighting the fires of desire towards your partner will bring some fresh air into the relationship, and it could give an interesting twist to your sex life.