Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



Mark this day well on your calendar and get ready to write one of the most exciting and satisfying pages of your personal diary. Because today, one way or another, is the end of your spiritual elevation and material rejection process that has made you evolve as individuals and embrace new perspectives.

Today, a rewarding experience will lead you into a state of spiritual excitement that will make you feel closer to Nirvana than ever. You will even experience it physically, with a specific kind of wellness that will make you feel really special.

Don't shelter yourselves in and try to experience that pleasure all alone. It'll be best for you to share it with others and fill your soul with your loved ones.


A previously announced change of trend comes to your financial cycle, but it comes stronger and more obviously than ever. You'll get more income, even if it implies you have to work longer hours. What's most important is the satisfaction of knowing you're working well and getting good results from it.

The key now is not to change. On the one hand, don't change the methods that have made you succeed and go this far. Don't run unnecessary risks and avoid letting go with euphoria by going on adventures that can mean your doom.

On the other hand, don't change your attitude towards life and money. Don't let a larger income make you worse; learn to appreciate what's important in life.


Today you need to feel the other person, Sagittariuses, find new ways to focus your time in bed. Desire and passion are no longer enough, if you want to avoid falling into a rut that brings both of you down the path of boredom.

Having reached your current stage, it's better to look for sensory experiences, and to see intercourse from a more emotional, purer perspective, not so wild anymore. Maybe, after all this time, you'll find out what sex really is when connected to love and affection.