Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
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The world of energy, vibrations and emotions is part of a single circuit that feeds on itself. Your body's closer to that than to the hustle and bustle from the outside threatening with disturbing your inner calmness. And you're aware that you need to fight to keep those energy channels open.

But it's not easy at all. Today you'll feel a few situations bringing you to breaking point, and they not only bring out the worst in you (hate, resentment, foul mood and revenge) but also threaten to ruin your inner peace.

Avoid conflict, abandon all sadness or melancholy, be selfish if you need to, but set your desire to live according to your newfound happiness on the top of your priority list.


All the financial difficulties that threat you today can be fought back with a smile and some wits. When it comes to finances, we always think of the worst, but analysing the situation in perspective, there's no risk at all, and it will immediately get sorted out.

Any financial issue you have with friends should get sorted out as soon as possible. Whatever happens could lead to misunderstandings and arguments that ruin a good relationship. It's not worth it.

If someone in your family asks for help, don't think twice and offer yourselves, and even if you're the one going through a rough patch, you can probably make an effort too.


Even if you try to lead a calmer, more relaxed life, it's obvious you're no hermit and you don't live in isolation from the rest of the world. And it's inevitable to be subject to the stimuli around you. Today, those stimuli will become a tremendous sexual desire that will seem uncontrollable at times.

Try to calm that desire with positive thinking. Keep your mind busy, and share your passion with someone special that makes you feel special too.

On the other hand, today Sagittariuses could feel their legs are a bit heavier than usual. It's the end of the week and the responsibility load starts to be too much to bear. Take a break.