Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Today Sagittariuses need to manage their ruling planet's vibrations wisely, because they may feel overwhelmed and use them in an inappropriate way. Remember that any excess is bad.

The day will go by without too many hurdles, very little obstacles to overcome and quite some free time to use. Energy flux could be a good tool to do fun activities with friends, but also a double-edged sword if you go too far.

When making decisions and putting them into practice think about karma, and don't do anything that you wouldn't like people to do to you. Try to be fair and noble, and that will eventually become something good for you.


After such a long time struggling and fighting, doing so much sacrifice for that project, are you really willing to let someone ruin it out of sheer jealousy? You should fight for it and pull out your claws, Sagittariuses.

The stars predict there'll be tremendous success in that project, but you need to speed up the preparations and protect it from external attacks. Soon enough, it'll become a precious, pretty reality, and you'll be able to use your time to make it work.

The day will be kind of off for Sagittariuses at work, with a lot of stress but also some calmness, which will demand that you take control of situations and bring some balance and harmony into the mix. No excess allowed.



Your preparations are really successful, Sagittariuses. Aside from seeing the results show on your body more or less quickly, what's most important is that you managed to exercise regularly and be persistent.

Now your main priority is to keep up the effort without taking things to the extreme or trying to rush it too much. Follow your coach's instructions from top to bottom, and don't try to go too far beyond them. Forcing your body in these situations could mean serious trouble.

For Sagittariuses, Tuesday will be a calm day for your health,with chances of experiencing some minor abdomen pain.