Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



You've been moody, sad and shady for a few days now. You're no longer the strong, bright, overwhelming Sagittariuses that used to run the world and challenge everyday's obstacles.

You need to get back to where you excitedly started. You need to forget the past, perhaps even the present, and set your sights into the future. A bright, hopeful future you'll only manage to build if you do it with an excited heart.

If you're in a steady, fruitful relationship, make some future plans with your partner. Projecting your dreams will take away the apathy and bring in lots of optimism and happiness.



Only you can change the foul trend your office team is following. Bad results are the product of a mixture between low moods and too much work to be done, but most of it is due to psychological reasons.

There's not many people with your great skills at controlling mindsets, so you can change defeat for victory in the blink of an eye.

It's time to believe in what you do and overcome difficulties. Set your ambition on top of your priority list. And show others that just a little more attitude can be quite the trend changer.


At certain points of the day you'll feel your head about to burst, and the pain will be so sharp you can't even think. Your brain has been working so hard lately, you've started having these horrible headaches.

Not to worry, Sagittariuses; this is caused by stress and those bottled emotions and issues that will end up affecting your body. Just by sleeping a little and relaxing your mind, you'll get back to your old selves.

Sagittariuses have their mouth areas completely unprotected, at such a sharp drop in their immune system, that sores and ulcers could start showing up in your body.