Sagittarius February 17, 2020

22 Nov - 21 Dec

Prediction of February 17, 2020

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The Stars predict that this Monday you should avoid making any decision. You need to stop thinking of the worst possible scenario. You can’t continue being so harsh with your partner and yourself.

It’s an excellent moment for family planning. Talk about objectives you have in common; maybe you are expecting some home renovation and even moving to a different place. It’s a great time to think of these projects as a family.

Single Sagittarius, you could have difficulties dealing with your family life because of some situations from the past. This could be what’s stopping you from finding a stable relationship.

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Sagittarius, the influence of the planets will favour your love for money. Excesses, greed, and even taking risks when investing, these could be some of the outcomes.

You will feel very confident at work. You will feel like you’re doing your job in a very responsible way and with all your attention. However, this doesn’t mean you need to settle for the current situation.

You can still change some things at work. The implementation of a new system, a new possibility in your career... who knows! Your creativity will be active these days so you don’t know where life can take you.


Today’s prediction for health says Vesta will be in the 6th house of Sagittarius. This influence will make you show a more serious attitude about life. You won’t commit excesses.

You’re creating a new lifestyle. You’re more oriented to healthy habits and, even if it needs a lot of determination and willpower, you’re making more and more progress.

Sagittarius, these new planetary energies will make you include more spiritual or religious activities in your life. You will achieve the state of well-being you always wanted.