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Scorpio Magic Horoscope Prediction for August

Your Horoscope for August 2018
AugustHoroscope | Joan marc


Love: Emotional ups and downs

You'll have doubts some days and other days you'll have full confidence in your partner. The problem? That while you get upset and fix yourself, your partner loses patience... Sort yourself out, Scorpio.

Leaving aside this punctual tendency, love will be in the air for the Scorpios. Especially since you will be prone to meet someone who shares your same values. You can establish lasting friendships.

On behalf of the others, expect everything, because they will attend your wishes and it will turn out just fine. Your partner, your friends, your family... You will discover facets of them that will leave a good taste in your mouth. You can explore new activities with your loved ones, strengthening ties.

Money: Perfectionism and willingness to work

You should focus your attention on making very good decisions now. You may be in a training period, or maturing an idea. This should continue like this, without accelerating the process but without stopping for a moment.

You will bring out your perfectionist facet, you will want to control the whole process. You love doing what you do, and above all, doing it in the best possible way. Self-criticism will be your best ally, especially when you don't lose objectivity at any time.

In the middle of the month, your emotions are going to give you a hard time. Don't let it affect your work performance! The stars warn you from now on. You have made a lot of effort for you to spoil it now.

Health: Efforts that will be rewarded

The month will start with an unexpected illness. From being completely well to not wanting to get out of bed. You will be relieved to go to the doctor with someone of confidence.

Don't give up on food. Don't give up your diet plans. The future is a ticket that is always blank. It's your actions that make you move forward or backwards!

With hard work and effort, you will be able to finish the month with renewed strength, ready to continue with your projects.