Scorpio Daily Horoscope
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The influence of the moon in Aries brings you an aggressive energy, difficult to control, and your partner is not making things easy for you.

You're starting to get tired of the "love tests". "If you love me, do this. If you loved me, you wouldn't do this..." You think it's really childish.

Tell your partner that love is not about conditions. In the same way, what is your partner doing to prove their love for you?

Loving people the way you want is an illusion. We have to love them with our own personality and the way we are. If both sides agree, the story continues.

Single Scorpios will realize they are tolerating the tyrannical behavior of a friend more than they should. Make them respect you.


You would like not to have any debts, but if you have them, don't worry, you will soon be given an inheritance. You must use the money diligently. If you distribute it properly, you can pay the delay and even keep some profit

Buying a house would be an excellent option. It is an investment that is revalued over time, so they're all profits. It's a good way to earn money while you devote yourself to developing your personal passion and to monetize your skills.

Keep in mind that at the end of the month you will have at least the rent money from your tenants so you can pay your bills.


High blood pressure is one of your biggest problems. This could be linked to the high levels of stress you suffer from any situation that in not in your comfort zone.

Exercise, at least three times a week, can reduce your stress level. And if you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, doing activities that help you manage stress and improve your health can make a difference in the long term.

Try exercising with friends so you don't feel it's as boring as you think.