Scorpio Daily Horoscope
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The doubts of love will assail you, when you thought you had already solved them! You are a faithful sign, but that loyalty wavers when you feel that the other party doesn't contribute enough...

Maybe it's a spell of bad luck. Consider talking about it. It would be a pity that this relationship that has gone so well so far, ended in nothing.

If what destabilizes you is the presence of new candidates, keep this in mind: we all try to sell our best version at the beginning! Stay with the person with the best flaws.

The tendency to sweeten reality, isn’t going to solve things. "The sun can't be covered with a finger" The advice of the stars is that you look for sincerity at all times, Scorpio. Above all, don't lie to yourself.


A journey of a thousand kilometers begins with a single step. It's no use living in that dissatisfaction that surrounds you. Every day, you wake up with the feeling that someone has stolen your future. That's sad!

It's good that work pays bills, even if it's not a big deal. It's a streak in which anyone can fall. However, it's attitudes that make the difference. Cultivate your hope, instead of simply resigning yourself!

Set yourself the goal to progress. The daily step towards a different destination would be to dedicate every day, at least 2 hours, to your goal. 10 hours a week (even leaving two days of rest) could definitely make a difference...

The best thing about your situation is that you already have some money saved. This can make things easier for you to continue training.


It's being hard for you lately to feel encouraged to do some exercise. You will still be overweight, no matter how much better your diet is. The body needs to burn calories with movement to stay healthy.

You could motivate yourself by enrolling in a popular race. Even if it's only a few kilometers, having a date in mind will stimulate you to train every day, and thus make the most of the competition!