Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



Are you listening? They are wedding bells! Congratulations. Your union will finally be formalized in the eyes of society.

You may have a lovely marriage, or you may decide to register as a common law partner. Regardless of the papers, you will definitely decide to be more involved in the relationship.

These vibrations will also reach your closest relationships. You may be informed that some friends are going to get married. You are likely to attend a wedding as a guest soon.

If you are single, you will be going to a wedding where you will find a special person. Try to grab the wedding bouquet from the bride in the air, for what may happen!


Before sleeping awake, you prefer to take a chance. Where others decline, you fight tirelessly for your goals. We have to fear the scorpion! When you truly commit to a goal, you can be relentless.

Try not to take people ahead on the way. It isn't healthy or positive for you, as a person that you are, to trample your colleagues for climbing a little more in the company. Just say no to this alternative.

Enjoy your own journey. It will be the balance between being here and in the now and at the same time, doing things for the future, which will bring you the greatest rewards.


Many temptations will come your way! And you like to navigate through the dark side of life...

Be very careful, because it's Friday, and you will have very interesting offers but they could be directly harmful for your health.

What is the point of enjoying the danger? Who plays with fire, gets burned! Sooner or later this is true, without exception.

Maybe it's time to surround yourself with calmer people. Life can be lived without so much adrenaline, and still be equally pleasurable.