Full Horoscope for Scorpio for This Coming Tuesday 24th April by Magic Horoscope

Astral Prediction for Today, Tuesday
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You have observed for some time now that a person you hate is trying to infiltrate your circle of friends. It has already gone too far and you will want to put limits on its progress...

Then you start your discredit campaign. "But this person did this, that and that!" You want them to position themselves on your "side". You will ask subtly or shamelessly to choose between that person and you...

It's understandable that you feel hurt, Scorpio, but is it necessary to reach those extremes? Making others make these kinds of decisions is childish.

What is it that really irritates you about that person? If it's because of your desire to be the protagonist, calm down, your friends will still be your friends, no matter what happens.

So please, be a little more elegant. If that person really gives you the creeps, it will go without saying.



Once you decide on an action plan, nothing and nobody will make you slow down. You will feel more productive than usual, and indeed, everyone will be impressed with your work rate.

Let it out, Scorpio. For a long time, you asked to reactivate this superpower of concentration without limits in you. Of course, this happens whenever the task motivates you, and it seems that the moment has finally arrived.

If it's not in your job, in what you occupy your time, you will see the expected results, exceeding your expectations. It enriches you spiritually, and it's also possible for someone to pay for your products.

If you are looking for a job as a salaried employee, it will be easier for you to start an activity on your own. You will meet many people who will facilitate this option.


Metabolism problems will come to light. Very slow or very fast. In Scorpio, associated with water, the metabolism slows down. In air signs, for example, it is usually accelerated.

It will depend on your ascendant, but a thyroid problem isn't ruled out. What can you do in this situation? Go to the doctor so they can tell you the guidelines to follow.

It's a struggle that will last a lifetime. Mentalize yourself, with that capacity for concentration that only Scorpios have. May it not stop you from living the life you want, Scorpio.