Full Horoscope for Scorpio for This Coming Wednesday 4th April by Magic Horoscope

Astral Prediction for Today, Wednesday
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They can get to reveal a lot to each other but there are also very frequent hurtful discussions, such as the one that is probably overshadowing you today, Scorpio.

Pluto will pour all its volcanic energy on your relationships. Let the earth tremble if your partner is another scorpion!

Solve power conflicts through dialogue, and above all, avoid manipulating the other. Because if so, secrets will appear. Why rebel information to the other that could be used against you...?

It's not time to pretend you're indifferent to the situation, even though the situation hurts you too much. You're more mature than that person who is trying to play with your feelings. Start a process of reconciliation, Scorpio. You still have some possibilities together.

You should also take care of the inappropriate comments with your friends. They love you, but if you tighten the rope too much, you always run the risk of it breaking...


Only the bravest will survive these critical times. You have to develop a more participatory mind. Teamwork is your weak point.

You normally look out for yourself, and that's good, up to a point. You'll expand the horizon of opportunities by being a little more altruistic.

Your mission in life is to transmute throughout cycles, without coming to a standstill too much in any life stage.

If you help your colleagues, you'll have the recognition you have been looking for for a while, you will even be in a position to ask for a promotion. Nobody wants to steal your job, stop being paranoid!



You've been feeling certain psychic instability, for a while now. A few days you're very well, but others you feel down for no apparent reason.

Are you taking care of your spirituality? You have psychic abilities that you may not have noticed yet.

In this sense, meaningful dreams are one of the truest sources to know about your inner states that are more inaccessible.

Now, in what way could you foster healing dreams? The guidelines that favor them include sleeping in a tidy environment, with clean clothes.

If you're one of those who doesn't remember your dreams, write down the least you remember, just when you wake up. With the days going by, you'll retain greater amounts of information.

And above all, you must close your eyelids with the will to live a healing dream. It's that easy! If you ask the cosmos with the heart, it will give you what you really need. With practice you will notice the results.