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Read Your Scorpio Magic Horoscope Prediction for this Coming Saturday 17th February

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As a good Scorpio native, you have a very powerful sexuality and you have known this from an early age, despite having received strong questionings about your growth.

Now you feel safe to express yourself in all your potential, all your experiences have made you the person you are now, although it hasn't always been like that. The social conditioning was too harsh on you.

Today, spend some time forgiving those who once allowed themselves to be overcome by fear of the unknown and tried to disturb your essence.

Fortunately, there is progress in collective consciousness, a liberalizing tendency of the human being. It contributes to the increase of conscience being that unique person that you are.

Talk about subjects that others consider taboo and illuminate the shadows, this could be of inestimable help to those who are not so familiar with their inner strength.


Mars energies, regent of the sign of Scorpio, will be very similar to yours today.

The art of war teaches that you can't run campaigns if you are not in possession of resources. In the same way, you must bear in mind that before starting any business it's mandatory to have the necessary resources to carry it out.

Otherwise, unnecessary risks will be taken; future clients will not come back and the investment could go wrong.

The setbacks affect you very much, but thanks to this project you will be able to mature aspects of your personality that had not been necessary until now in the achievement of your goals.


If you feel emotionally and physically intoxicated, it's time to dedicate of days exclusively to your care.

It is a good idea to simplify food, which will help you to cleanse your body. Grilled chicken breasts with broccoli are quick to make and very healthy.

Dedicate yourself to the issues that are in your mind that may be clogging your emotional body. By doing so, you will recover a feeling of inner lightness and energy.