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Scorpio Magical Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Monday, 12th February

Check Your Horoscope for Today, Monday
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It was Sunday yesterday and you spent the day together, but it wasn't enough, you want to meet again today.

You feel so good next to them... You grab your phone and you send them a message telling them to meet tonight. They say yes. But two hours before the date, she cancels.

You thought that person would have the same emergency as you to meet. But hey, nothing to worry about.

You have some things playing against you, like you saw each other yesterday and today, Monday, people have things to do. 

Now you have to wait until that person gives the next step. Don't insist, for now.


It can be humiliating and frustrating for you to go unnoticed, especially when you are making all kinds of efforts to improve the circumstances around you.

You are likely to feel extremely vulnerable and you may easily succumb to anger or retaliation. This doesn't lead to anything good and it only makes you feel worse and worse.

Ask yourself why your ambitions are necessary. The bad nature of our purposes prevents our plans from prospering. It's a negative vibration that the universe isn't willing to protect.

The astrological advice is that you do your best work from humility. Do the right thing without being seen. These are the kind of people who really deserve recognition.


You will have stomach reflux. Try by all means to take light meals. It is also not advisable to abuse alcohol. A glass of red wine, at best.

Don't abuse coffee either it can make you change from one state of alert to another of anxiety. You will have sensitivity to caffeine today.

Be careful with seafood if you are allergic. There is a risk of accidentally eating some or some trace.