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Full Horoscope for Scorpio for This Coming Thursday 15th March by Magic Horoscope

Astral Prediction for Today, Thursday
Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You have reached a perfect understanding of your vital goals. Congratulations! The not so positive side of this aspect is that you both neglect the romantic side of the relationship.

The couple can suffer some wear and tear by taking too much care of practical issues; it makes you forget why you got together from the first moment... For the pleasure of the presence of the other.

Take care of the hugs given with no reason and the light chats, for the sake of the love that you have. It's the way to rekindle the spark. Don't forget the flowers or the "I love you" either. Or why not, today is a good day to make them their favorite dish!

If you are single, you will look for couples that can help you in your goals. This isn't about interest but about good sense. A person with a similar life perspective will make your existence more comfortable.


Not taking any notice of the commands of your superiors could bring you bad consequences, Scorpio. You think you're the best one in what you do, but your boss could see it completely different if you're not careful.

You have conflicts to differentiate servitude from a helpful attitude. The first refers to a submission, while with a helpful attitude you freely choose to be useful through your actions. Focus on this second approach.

Be happy that your work sustains so many other people. No matter what you do, you give your time to a service that will be pleasing or useful to others in one way or another.


Whether because of routine or because you want to please everyone, you have forgotten to devote some time to yourself.

If you don't pay attention to the signs, you could easily fall back on what you already thought you had overcome. Health is a constant battle that is won only when you achieve stability.

Become aware of your own internal states, because these are the ones that make you sick most of the time.

Today you should take at least 15 minutes to close your eyes and try to empty your mind. This will reset you and make you easily aware of what your body needs.

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