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Full Scorpio Magic Horoscope for Friday, 20th July

Full Forecast for Today, Friday
Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Good aspects between Saturn and Venus, will bring blessings to your relationship. He or she can count on your unconditional friendship and fidelity.

You will be at their side when they need help and you will do everything possible to ensure their welfare and safety, both emotionally and financially.

That strong sense of loyalty and responsibility, which stands out in both, gives the relationship exceptional stability and durability.

With your social touch and diplomatic personality, you can benefit from your efforts to achieve professional goals, while you can teach them to be more effective in expressing their creative talents.

Today, in addition, they will know how to perfectly capture your fears and problems, and without a doubt you appreciate their understanding and appreciation. Today you just couldn't ask for better.


You will receive a lot of support at work. Although you haven't risen to the highest level of energy in the world. If you don't feel like fighting for yourself, at least you will do it for those who believe in you.

Your bosses will be sympathetic with that mistake, more or less considerable, that you will make. Other days you have given everything. They will understand that it's only a bad day.

Save, because around the corner a family problem is approaching for which you will need to provide your financial support.

The stars recommend that you open another bank account for special needs, in case you still don't have one.


Nobody said that going through that disease was a walk of roses. It will mean a change in your life. You can't pretend to continue living as before, under no circumstances. Some transformations will be inevitable.

But with the relevant adaptations, you will be one more. You will repeat again and again that life is worth living.

Going through this period will be hard for you. Be very close to those you have given your heart to, because sporadic moments of emotional collapse will be inevitable.