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With coexistence, it's normal that misunderstandings arise. It's impossible for everyone to agree. In arguments, each one says what they think and they look for solutions.

The problems come when arguments become too much bitter and above all, personals. You attack the weak points that you know about each other, violating trust...

Focus on discussing the problem, for as long as it's necessary, until you reach a conclusion.

Don't leave the room until you reach an agreement. And don't throw personal defects in each other's face. We all have some!

The misguided behavior of a family member, brings tension to the rest of the clan members. The astral advice is that no matter how much we don't agree with it, no one can live anyone's life.


You'll get scared when looking at your bank account. Don't worry, take some saving measures, now that you have become aware.

It's useless to spend money on goods that supposedly bring happiness, if you live with the constant worry of the money that goes away. Isn't it better to save that money to invest in something better? For example, in education.

You never know when that knowledge can be useful, and the stars guarantee that life is long enough to put them into practice. Then you will appreciate spending money on important things, Scorpio.


The fast transit of Mercury produces a voracious hunger in the natives of water signs, as if you had not eaten in weeks!

This psychological state has nothing to do with your true nutritional needs, Scorpio. Gulping down on food fills you with feelings of guilt; it isn't healthy at all.

Your good stars recommend that you plan your meals, today more than ever, because you will tend to pick at more. In particular, keep an eye on nightly approaches to the refrigerator.