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Full Scorpio Magic Horoscope for Sunday, 10 June

Full Forecast for Today, Sunday
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With your partner there will be some conflict to know who sets the pace. Whether in the chores, in the management of money... Or even in bed! Beware of the power struggle. The stars always recommend equal relationships.

Don't accumulate silences, Scorpio. Shout from time to time! You have the right to express your emotional discomfort. You love each other but sometimes you should express what you really feel more often.

After the storm it's time to calm down. Nothing better than making peace than giving each other a hug. And who knows, they could even get carried away... In bed it will be convenient to do what you two feel most comfortable.

Scorpio without a partner, you will meet a person who will remove your world from the first moment. It will make you change your mind at very deep levels.


Regulate your emotions, they will affect you negatively in the workplace. Insecurity will frustrate some of your initiatives. You'd better leave it for another day.

Pay attention to the latest movements in your bank account. Especially if it's a joint account. Your partner or even a family member could overreach with the money.

Today is a perfect day to claim that money they owe you. With aplomb and that ability to instill respect when you're interested, you'll get it.

Don't lose the opportunity to be hired because your emotions constantly tell you that you aren't doing the right thing. That is called "self-sabotage"! Look inside and you will realize everything you are worth...



You wonder why you don't start noticing the results of the diet you are following. You want to look good in the face of the upcoming beach season...

Your genetics is something that greatly regulates your weight. It's like that. That you don't mind the weight as much as the functionality of your body. That allows you to live all those wonderful experiences that life can offer you.

It would be very good for both your weight and your health that you take fruit juices and smoothies. They aren't your favorite, but you will increase your defenses and feel full energy with them.